Wyvern Lingo: The All Female Band You MUST Know


Wyvern Lingo

In recent years, I feel the music industry has struggles to obtain amazing, long lasting female bands.  But let me tell you, things are changing with the band Wyvern Lingo.  Wyvern Lingo is an all-female band from Bray, located in county Wicklow, Ireland.  I have been following this band for about 2 years now and they are truly defining and embracing what it is to be an all-female band.  There are three members in Wyvern Lingo, Caoimhe Barry, Karen Cowley, and Saorise Duare.  These talented ladies don’t only sing, but they all play instruments.  Caoimhe plays the drums, Karen plays the keyboard and bass synth, and Saorise plays the guitar.


Caoimhe, Karen, and Saorise met each other when they were they were 12 years old and all were playing the same instruments they play today.  They bonded over music, becameTwiter Wyvern Lingo 2 best friends, and started a band.  In their early teen years, they gigged a lot around Wicklow; and then several years later, they began to gig around Dublin.  Then in 2014 they released their first EP entitled, “The Widow Knows”.  This EP was well received and got them their record label, Rubyworks: which is an independent label located in Ireland.  From there, Wyvern Lingo released their second EP entitled, “Letter to Willow” in 2016.  Wyvern Lingo’s second EP was another hit so in the beginning of March they hit the studio to record their debut album which is expected to drop in early 2018!

Wyvern Lingo is more than your “cookie cutter” female band.  This is not only because they all play instruments, but also because of their sound, and the way they harmonize.  Wyvern Lingo’s music genre is described as a mix of R&B, Alternative Rock, Jazz, and a bit of Pop all wrapped into one unified sound.  On top of their one of a kind sound, these women harmonize unbelievably well.  Their harmonies personally leave me speechless and give me goose bumps every time I listen to their song, “Used”.

A unique aspect of the writing process for Wyvern Lingo is that it’s very collaborative.  They all participate in writing the lyrics along with all the instrumental parts for all their songs.  Furthermore, their lyrics are very relatable and uplifting.  For instance, their Twitter Wyvern Lingo 3song, “Used” is a beautiful and empowering song about someone taking a person for granted and making them feel worthless, and then that person realizing that they are being used and gaining the strength to get out of the toxic relationship.  


In addition to their music being relatable, they also bring awareness to current social issues within their lyrics.  A good example of this is their new banging tune, “I Love You Sadie“.  “I Love You Sadie” is not just a killer tune, but it also has an important message within it.  The song is clearly about love, but if you listen even closer you will get the sense that the song is about gender stereotypes and that they don’t seem to work for many people; and that it’s so limiting. 

Wyvern Lingo is truly making a wonderful name for themselves with their one of a kind sound, beautiful lyrics, and defining what it is to be an all-female group. In January of Twiter Wyvern Lingo 1this year, 2017, Wyvern Lingo won the award as Best Musicians by Steller Magazine.  So, if you have never heard of Wyvern Lingo I suggest you check them out and get their music, as you won’t regret this decision.  On top of this, I would suggest you see these ladies live because they are amazing! I had the opportunity to see these ladies live this past December while I was studying abroad in Dublin and they were so Amazing!  And what better way to see them live than at their single release party for their new single, “I Love You Sadie” on August 25 at the Grand Social in Dublin, Ireland.  In addition to this, Wyvern Lingo is currently running a contest for the chance to win FREE tickets to this show.  If you’re interested listen up!  All you need to do is text/ tweet request their latest single, “I Love You Sadie” to one of the radio stations, take a screenshot of your request and post it to their Facebook page.  Even if you don’t win tickets I suggest you go because if you don’t, you will miss out on a great night.  Whether you go see them live or just listen to their music, Wyvern Lingo will have you craving more with their remarkable music!

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Must See Artist of The Year: James Arthur is “Back from the Edge” and Stronger Than Ever Before

James 2James Arthur is one of the most talented and hardworking artists in the music industry.  I don’t know of any other artist today where you can get such a variety of music in just one album.  James Arthur’s music is one of a kind, where you will hear rock, hip hop, singer songwriter, and even a bit of rap.  This guy, James Arthur, is unstoppable and I am so happy that he has finally made his mark in America!

Making it big for James Arthur was anything but a walk in the park.  James Arthur didn’t have a lot growing up.  He was in several bands throughout the years, did a solo project,James Arthur 4 and then in 2012 he decided to try out for the X-Factor.  He ended up winning the X-factor and his first single, “Impossible” made it to #1 on the UK charts in just the first week of being released.  Although it looks as though James was on the top of the world, having his dreams come true, he struggled with his new-found fame.  He put a lot of pressure on himself and struggled with anxiety and his mental health.  He didn’t enjoy his newly found fame as people were getting into his personal life and constantly coming up to him on the streets, but honestly, who could blame him?  James Arthur’s not taking his fame well led to some controversies and the media turned them into monsters.  This eventually lead to Syco Music dropping James from their label.

Once James Arthur was dropped from his label he felt his career was over.  Although he thought his career was over, he always felt that music was his purpose.  Instead of giving up he fought back in a positive way.  He began to see the positive side of everything and started writing his second album.  He wanted his second album to be completely honest and from the heart.  This was not only therapeutic and the perfect outlet for him, but his honest music would resonate with others.  He hoped that once people heard how honest his music was they would be able to relate and feel everything he’s saying.

James Arthur 3 James Arthur’s hard work and positive outlook paid off, and “Say You Won’t Let Go” made it to number 1 without any promos and radio play.  On top of this, Syco Music went back to James Arthur because they wanted to resign him, and James accepted the offer.  This is the first time Syco Music has ever dropped an artist and then resigned them.  If this doesn’t tell you how hard working, dedicated, and talented James Arthur is, then I don’t know what will.

I’m telling you, if there is ONE artist you must see it’s 150% James Arthur.  He is finally touring in America with One Republic on their Honda Civic Tour.  I am going to this concert in 2 days in Pittsburgh and I must say this is the concert I have been most excited about going to this summer!

James Arthur is SO talented and I want to encourage all of you to check out all hisJames 1 music.  If you’re someone who’s a radio or a top 50 chart listener, chances are you have only heard several of his songs; such as “Say You Won’t Let Go” and “Can I Be Him”.  These songs are fantastic, but the rest of his album is just as fantastic and has so many sounds wrapped up in it.  With this being said, be sure to check out his entire album that was dropped almost a year ago called, “Back from The Edge”.  You will be happy you did.

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There is Nothing Little About the Band Little Hours

LH5Not many bands can say their first official gig they played was at a major music festival, but the band Little Hours is extremely fortunate to say they have.  Little Hours earned their spot at Electric Picnic by entering a contest and being the only band to make it through every round.  Ever since their first gig at Electric Picnic, Little Hours continues to capture more and more attention with their alternative sound and lighthearted, playful  personalities.

John Doherty and Ryan Mc Closkey makeup the band, Little Hours.  John is the lead vocalist and plays the piano, and Ryan is the guy behind the guitar and backing vocals.  These guys originally had solo projects going for them but decided to team up.  John and Ryan teaming up happened very smoothly as they knew each other from school and had similar sounds with their solo projects.

LH8The writing process for Little Hours is a 50/50 split between Ryan and John.  Sometimes they write songs when jamming out together.  Other times one of them will write part of a song and the other will work to complete the song.  They enjoy being able to collaborate with each other because they can help tweak the songs, can bounce ideas off of each other, and can help complete the parts of the songs that the other may have had a hard time with.

The song collaboration for Little Hours is certainly working in their favor as their first single off of their debut EP entitled, “It’s Still Love” was nominated for Irish song of the year for the Meteor Choice Awards in 2014, alongside Hozier and The Script.  In addition to this, Little Hours has had the opportunity to support big artists such as, James Bay, Walking On Cars, Koadaline, and Picture This.

Little Hours has recently released several amazing singles.  Just about six months agoLH3 Little Hours released their new single titled, “Water”.  “Water” is such a beautiful song with a strong and important message wrapped into it.  The video for this song is beyond amazing and tells such an important story that people in our world are currently facing.  The proof that this song is beautifully written song with a great message is not just me justifying it as “Water” has had over 2 million listens on Spotify.  LH 2Following the success of “Water” Little Hours just recently released their latest single on July 9th entitled, “How Could I Love You?”.  This is another killer tune by Little Hours with an upbeat tempo.  “How Could I Love You?” is the perfect summer tune, so be sure to buy it and add it to your playlists.

Little Hours has not only been releasing new music but they have been playing at many festivals this summer.  If you are in Europe you are in luck because they are still playing at festivals this summer!  In addition to this, Little Hours has shows this fall in Ireland and the UK.  Be sure to mark one of their concert dates down on your calendar as they are a band you won’t want to miss!  Trust me, I wish I was going to be in Europe this fall to see them.

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The Newcomer You Must See


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If there is one newcomer you must see this summer, it is most definitely Cobi.  Cobi has recently been performing at many festivals and has been blowing crowds away with his performances. With a sound that blends rock and blues, Cobi’s strong powerful voice is perfectly accompanied by his talented guitar playing. His single, “Don’t You Cry For Me” is a song that has been capturing so many people’s attention and is most definitely a crowd pleaser.

Cobi first got into music at an early age after he was introduced to a guitar by a family friend and became obsessed with it.  Following his new-found love for playing the

Cobi 1

Picture found on Cobi’s Facebook page

instrument, he worked hard and saved enough money to buy his first guitar, and proceeded to teach himself how to play by ear. From there on he continued to get more and more involved with music.

Cobi is not new to the music world as he was in a band called Gentlemen Hall, but he is new to the music world as a solo artist.  Once Cobi’s band parted ways he still had aspirations to put music out and venture into becoming a solo artist.  He released his single, “Don’t You Cry For Me” on May 3, 2016, which quickly became a hit and made it to number 1 on the Spotify viral top 50 chart.  His song reaching the number 1 spot helped him earn his record deal which is with 300 Entertainment; as their CEO, Lyor Cohen, heard his song and loved it.

Cobi Prophet story

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Cobi not only has one viral hit but his second single, “Prophet Story” has been received really well.  This song is a soulful track and is about a prophet who doesn’t seem to fit in with society.  This is a great and relatable song because many people can relate to the feeling that they don’t fit in with a certain place or certain people from time to time.

Cobi is expected to take the industry away by storm, and I believe he is on the fast track to achieving this as he is gaining numerous new fans and exposure at each festival he performs at.  Cobi is someone you must go see because his all-around performance will blow you away, and have you craving more!  I’ve been trying to see him perform for almost a year now but have had conflicts every time he has been in my area, but I will finally get to see him at the Fashion Meets Music Festival on Saturday, August 19th!  Cobi has a fair amount of upcoming concerts/ festivals left, so be sure to buy a ticket to one of these shows before they sellout!

Keeping the growth of music alive, one artist at a time! ~ Morgan Kelley

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Breakthrough Artist

Frances 1

Photo found at https://www.facebook.com/officialfrances/photos/

Frances is a singer songwriter that everyone should checkout.  She is an artist that is near and dear to my heart.  This is because I normally discover new artists on some kind of social network, but I had the privilege of discovering Frances at a concert where she opened up for James Bay almost two years ago.  Frances is a fantastic singer songwriter.  Her music doesn’t have many Instruments involved, but she commands a crowd with her honest and relatable lyrics, along with her wonderful voice.  I remember seeing her live and I was in ahhh!  I was speechless with how she could command such a large crowd when she was the only one on stage playing the piano and singing.

Frances’s music is something very special and different from what we all have been hearing on the radio.  This is not only because of the honesty within her lyrics but it’s also because she keeps most of her music quite simple when it comes to the number of different instruments involved.  Frances does this to get the songs message across completely, and let me tell you, this works and is such a beautiful thing.

Frances grew up writing songs, playing the piano and singing, but never pictured herself

Frances 2

Photo found at https://www.facebook.com/officialfrances/photos/

as a singer songwriter.  She went to music school with intentions to be a songwriter.  While she was in school she ended up meeting her manager who attended the same university as her, who was studying music business.  Once they were finished with school they went to London to see if they could get Frances’s songwriting moving within the industry.  Frances was doing writing sessions with several different songwriters and she was always the one to do the singing for the demo tracks to complete the songs.  Frances singing on all the demo tracks had her voice floating around many offices within the music industry, and she ended up landing a record deal from this.  Frances having intentions to just be a songwriter wasn’t because she did not want to be a performer, that is just what she envisioned her destiny to be.  But thankfully, for all of us, we not only get to enjoy her lovely lyrics, but also her beautiful voice.

Frances album

Frances’s Debut Album (photo found at  https://www.facebook.com/officialfrances/photos/)

Frances just recently released her debut album entitled, “Things I’ve Never Said”.  Her album is such an honest, personal, and genuine album.  Frances’s album is very relatable because it lays out all the real moments we all encounter throughout the years.  All the ups and downs we go through are in this album and you will be able to relate to this album.  Frances’s debut album, “Things I’ve Never Said” is a really special album that includes up tempo songs along with slower tempo songs that you will immediately feel connected to.





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Check out Frances’s single, “Don’t Worry About Me”

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The Band that is a TRUE Over Night Success


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If there is one band you should know about going into the summer it’s most definitely Picture This.  Picture This is a band I’ve been following for almost a year now and they are amazing!  Now if you’re from Ireland, the U.K., or other Western European countries, chances are you know Picture This and know how amazing they are.  The thing I’m most excited about is to watch Picture This make their mark in America, and let me tell you, they are on the fast track to doing this!

Picture This is a band composed of 2 guys, Ryan and Jimmy.  Ryan is the lead singer and plays the guitar Jimmy plays the drums and does backup vocals.  Picture This also has 2 of Jimmy and Ryan’s friends in the band as their guitarist and base player.  Ryan is the man behind the song lyrics and Jimmy is the man behind writing all the musical parts.


Picture found at: facebook.com/BandPictureThis/photos

Picture This isn’t your typical band.  This is because of the process they take when completing their songs.  Ryan usually writes songs within a 5-minute period.  This is not because he has an awesome super power, but this is because he doesn’t go back and revise the lyrics he has written.  Ryan has said, “anyone can write a song in a matter of 5 minutes, but they will continue to fix and revise the lyrics,” and he doesn’t do this.  Picture This wants their music to be as raw and pure as possible because these songs are the ones people will relate and connect to the strongest.  Their music is pop rock sound with an uplifting positive feel that is sure to set anyone in a positive, and upbeat mood.

Picture This is literally an overnight success.  Here is the story behind their quick success.  Ryan was at a house party with his friends and they wanted him to play a song, so he played “Take My Hand”.  His friends immediately fell in love with the song.  One of Ryan’s friends told him that he must record this song and post it online, so the next day Ryan’s friend took him to record the song and then he posted it on his Facebook page.  At the time Ryan and Jimmy didn’t know each other, but Jimmy saw this video and the second he heard the song he knew it was a hit.  Jimmy contacted Ryan and told him, “you have to come to my studio and record this song”.  Ryan took Jimmy up on this offer, they

Picture This EP

Picture This EP (image found in google images)

struck up a friendship and created their band, Picture This.  They released their first single, “Take My Hand” soon after and it was an instant hit.  Soon after the release of their single Picture This released their EP entitled, “Picture This,” and again it was a major success.  They instantly started to sellout shows.  In addition to this, their single, “Take My Hand” won RTÉ ’s Choice Music Awards’ single of the year (RTÉ is equivalent to iHeartRadio).  This all happened in under a years’ time, so if this isn’t an overnight success I don’t know what is.

Their success doesn’t stop there.  This is because Picture This has sold out their European tour that will begin May 18th and last a month, having 15 shows. They recently finished recording their debut album in Nashville and you can expect the release of this album to drop sometime in August.  And exactly a week ago (last Wednesday, May 10th) Picture This released their new single called, “Never Change” in Europe and released it the following day in America.  This track became a major hit from the moment it came out.  “Never Change” wasn’t supposed to be released in America until this past Friday, May 12, but it ended up having to be released on Thursday due to the song play from radios.  This track is amazing and something that you should totally check out!  Picture This is a band that has a wonderful pop rock uplifting sound, with amazing and relatable lyrics; and you will surely be hearing much more from them.


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Check out Picture This new single, “Never Change” below

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The EP Your Ears Will Crave

Have you ever heard the phrase, “This artist is one to keep a close eye on”?  I’m sure you have.  Let me just tell you that singer songwriter, Tim Chadwick is not only someone you should keep a close eye on, but someone who is very inspirational.  Recently, Tim Chadwick has been receiving much buzz as he was in the Irish Times as an artist to watch out for, was Joe.ie song of the day with his first single “Blindfolded”, had his previous single “Belong” featured in the massive Aer Lingus Christmas Campaign, and sold out his first headlining gig in just one day.  But most importantly he just released his first EP entitled, “Early Days”.

Tim Chadwick is an Indie Pop singer songwriter whose sound you will crave, as he has his own unique sound that can go from a whisper to belting out lyrics with such ease.  IMG_7403His EP, “Early Days”, defines him as an artist and is composed of 4 songs.  These 4 songs mesh together so perfectly, yet each song has a different meaning that in some way all seem to complete each other.  The name of the EP, “Early Days” has a story to tell within the 4 songs.  This is because Tim Chadwick knew what he wanted to do from an early age, which was to sing, write music, and preform.  Throughout the years Tim Chadwick worked hard to achieve his dream.  During the “early days” of Tim pursuing his dream people would tell him that things are looking good.  Tim Chadwick’s EP is ultimately about keeping the dream alive and understanding that you’re not going to be the best at the beginning, but it’s all about the journey you take, the failures you encounter, and the lessons you learn.

The current single off Tim Chadwick’s “Early Days” EP is called “Never Wanted You”.  This song seems to be the first message wrapped up within his EP because it’s all about accepting who you are as a person.  Not feeling theEP- Tim Chadwick need to chase after love and/or acceptance when the people you are chasing are not even all the way there for you.  This song has an upbeat tempo that displays a strong message because we’re all human and now and again we get caught up in chasing that guy or girl that puts us further away from achieving our dreams, for the pure fact we get too concerned about how they will perceive us.  Tim Chadwick’s song “Never Wanted You” is one of those songs that is going to turn into a huge summer tune that you can jam to in the car or relax to on the beach, so be sure to check it out as it is available on every music platform.

Although “Never Wanted You” is Tim Chadwick’s current single, the 3 other songs on his EP are killer tunes.  The 3 other songs on “Early Days” are “Blindfolded”, “Belong”, and “Dreamer”.  These are all deadly tunes that you should take a listen to!  Whether you are listening to one of his upbeat songs or a slower tempo song, you will continue to crave more of his compelling sound.

Keeping the growth of music alive, one artist at a time! ~ Morgan Kelley

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If you want to learn more about Tim Chadwick click the links below and check out the 2 part interview that I had the privilege to do with him several months ago!


Learn How You Can Discover The BEST Emerging Music Talent

Hello, my name is Morgan and I am 22 years old and I’m just about to graduated college here in a week, with a B.S. in Marketing.  I have created this blog because I feel there is so much unheard music talent out at the moment that deserves much exposure.  In ABBY ROADaddition to this, I want to get into the music industry more than anything.  This has been a dream of mine since I was a little girl.  Music is a special thing that can convey every different emotion through its many lyrics and beats.  Music is one of those things that I want to do marketing and PR for artists and watch their success grow.  I have had several opportunities within this industry, such as interviewing Tim Chadwick who is an emerging singer song-writer from Dublin, Ireland, I’ve had the opportunity to get involved with DCUfm, which is Ireland’s best student radio, and I’ve had the opportunity to create a charity concert all within 26 days.  I’ve enjoyed all these things so much and it has made it that much more evident that the music industry is what I must go into because that is where all my passion and dedication is.

The reason for creating this blog came extremely naturally to me as I was listening to music.  I began to think that I miss discovering new and up and coming artists from different entertainment sites, such as VH1 Music Countdown (that doesn’t exist anymore).  With the lack of awareness/promotion of new artists emerging, I want to bring awareness and knowledge of new emerging artists, that I’m excited about and feel are really good.  These artists may be up and coming to the sense that they recently got signed to a label, or they may not even be signed, but are just trying to get their foot in the door.  I also will post about current known artists that have something coming out that I’m excited about (such as a new album), along with upcoming music events I’m excited to attend.

Shean Lower Cork- Right by the Blarney Castel and Stone IMG_6479I’m really excited about this blog and am excited to see where it goes.  I plan to blog weekly!  The first artist I have lined up for this blog is an AMAZINGLY talented, emerging, singer song-writer that I’ve been able to help out a bit.  This artist has an exciting future ahead of him, and I’m excited for you all to listen to his stuff because you’re immediately going to love it!  So, Stay Tuned For Next Week’s Blog!

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Keeping the growth of music alive, one artist at a time! ~ Morgan Kelley